Another New Start

Well, here we are again. It feels like a constant cycle of rebirths starting a business. Each step of the way bringing something fresh and exciting.

If you're not familiar with my products, let me give a small introduction: I am Emma, a juggler, not in the traditional circus sense but a juggler of life, work and balance, and I know I'm not the only one out here. Making candles came out of nowhere and somewhere all at once.

If you're like me, always needing a project, something creative to work on then you'll appreciate the goods I lay before you. Join me in this sensory journey, always evolving and yet grounded, grounded in nature. When nature is your muse you will always find change and consistency, cycles and surprises. The plant oils used in the blends in my candles have all guided me to them. I have set them before me. closed my eyes and asked them how they'd like to dance, with each other and with their audience. Nature is a giver, it never stops.

In this phase of the incarnation, I have moved my selling platform over from Etsy to this website, meaning that I can do wonderful things like set up a subscription service, be more visible on Google, offer a live chat, and write a blog along with a few other services that I need to explore.

As well as curating and designing the products, I also make all the products by hand in my workshop, handle the social media, marketing and accounts. And now I am learning to build a website and write a blog.

I look forward to connecting with you in the near future and please forgive any glitches in advance as I am learning as I go

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